FETAC accredited programmes available from HMI


HMI Advanced Certificate in Healthcare Management (FETAC Level 6)
New programme commencing October 2010. Open programme: 16 days over a period of 8 months. Download brochure (PDF)

HMI Certificate in Healthcare Records (FETAC Level 5): Targeted at Healthcare Records staff working within the Irish Health Services. In-house: 3 days. Open programme: 7 evenings. Download brochure (PDF)

HMI Certificate in Healthcare Records Management (FETAC Level 6): Targeted at Healthcare Records managers/team leaders/supervisors working within the Irish Health Services. In-house: 4 days. Open programme: 9 evenings. Download brochure (PDF)

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HMI Certificate in Management Skills (FETAC Level 6): Targeted at managers/supervisors working in a health service environment and who manage people/teams on a day to day basis.  In-house: 3 days. Open programme: 3 days. Download brochure (PDF)

Training programmes available from HMI

Attendance Management 1 day
This highly practical programme is designed to provide managers with an understanding of best practice in the field of absence management; its costs; key legal and procedural issues; actions a manager can take; and the means to create an attendance culture.

Competency based Interviewing 1 day
This programme provides participants with the competence and confidence to make selection decisions which are effective, consistent and within the law.

Employment Law Practice for Health Service Managers 1 day
This practically-oriented programme provides Health Service managers with a full working knowledge of employment law. It covers ten key areas of employment practice including selection, equality and managing performance in a positive way.

Manager as Coach 1 day
Manager as Coach provides participants with the skills and confidence necessary to raise the performance of their staff. Programme participants will learn how to change their leadership style so that it is more coaching and facilitative rather than directive and critical.

Negotiation Skills 2 days
This programme provides participants with have a range of negotiation techniques that are valuable in their day-to-day work as well as in formal negotiations. Participants learn how to manage the tension between achieving the best deal and maintaining relationships with the other party

Team Development 2 days
This programme creates an awareness of the roles individuals play within a well balanced and effective team and the benefit of this to the organisation.

Other programmes on offer
Empowering Voice * Managing for Results * Meetings that Work * Presentation  Skills * Team Building for Team Leaders * Time Management * Train the Trainer

To find out more please contact Ann at 01 2974070.